My Wife Doesn’t Complete Me

My Wife Doesn’t Complete Me

As much as I want to echo Mr. Maguire, I can’t. Selena doesn’t complete me, and nor do I complete her.

“You complete me” is a famous line, said during the romantic crux of Jerry Maguire, a mid-90s ‘dramedy’ blockbuster. Since then, phrases like this one and “you had me at hello” have become comic relief staples for many “bromances” and lighthearted Friday night movie-quote sessions.

It’s tough to imagine someone using either of these lines seriously. I’d have a hard time saying them to Selena with a straight face, and so would she. Maybe I’m wrong… but don’t they just seem uber cheesy now?..

....Ok, so what’s the big deal? Why go to the trouble of writing a blog post about these seemingly innocuous statements?

Pop-culture is at odds with biblical marriage both overtly and covertly.


Kathleen Notes: Only Jesus completes us.

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