Brutal Honesty May Actually Be a Form of Gaslighting

Brutal Honesty May Actually Be a Form of Gaslighting

Why do we use the words "brutal" and "honest" together?

If we examine the definitions, brutal means “savagely violent,” and honest means “morally correct.” Interesting, right? How two very different things are associated so closely together.

In our society, the term “brutally honest” is often accepted as a positive quality. Take a second to pause and think about your dealings with someone who is “brutally honest.” Is it really a good thing?

Take Marie, for example. She’s feeling wounded, misunderstood, and guilty after a conversation with her friend, Pauline. Pauline said to her, “Look, I’m going to be brutally honest. All you do is complain that you’re single, but you do nothing to change it. It’s hard to feel bad for you.”

The point of concern isn’t the honesty; it’s the brutality. Because oftentimes the truth does hurt. But there are plenty of other ways to share an honest message that is thoughtful and not damaging—and not gaslighting.


Kathleen Notes: We are told in Scripture to speak the truth in love...truth should never be a weapon.

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