What Emotional Neglect Looks Like in a Marriage

What Emotional Neglect Looks Like in a Marriage

Imagine not getting a call from your best friend on your birthday, never getting that job promotion you’ve been waiting years for, or learning you won’t be able to have a child.

These are examples of things that don’t happen. They’re invisible experiences, or non-experiences, that could even be classified as “nothing.” But nothing can be everything. The impact of these non-experiences is great.

Childhood emotional neglect is also a non-experience. It’s something that fails to happen in the life of a child. It happens when your parents don’t acknowledge, notice, or respond to your feelings enough in childhood. This non-experience may seem subtle or insignificant. But, just like years of trying to have a baby without success, it’s quite a poignant life experience.

Since childhood emotional neglect is invisible, it’s common for those who have experienced it to be unaware. But long after the emotionally neglected child grows up and marries, it lurks under the surface interfering with the marriage. You might have difficulty connecting or enjoying your relationship in a way that feels genuine and you may secretly wonder why.

But there are signs. Three main patterns emerge in relationships that are weighed down by childhood emotional neglect.


Kathleen Notes: The non-experiences of childhood become the non-experiences in a marriage.

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