4 Easy Habits to Build Your Child`s Self Esteem with Your Words

4 Easy Habits to Build Your Child`s Self Esteem with Your Words

We`re our child`s first teachers. They learn everything from us: what`s up or down, red or blue, right or wrong. They believe what we tell them, and rely on us to interpret the world: "That`s HOT, Don`t touch!... Now we wash our hands ... We can walk now that the light is green ... We always ... We never ... This is how we do it ... The sky is blue."

So what happens when they hear: "You`d lose your head if it wasn`t glued on ... That was a dumb thing to do ... You drive me crazy ... Why can`t you ... You never ... You always..."

Or overhear: "You won`t believe the day I`ve had with that kid ... He`s so irresponsible... She never does her chores without me hounding her ... He can`t control himself ... She has such a temper...."

They believe it.

Even if they don`t show it, even if they act like they don`t care, on some level our children believe everything we say about them.

This could demoralize every parent at times, because we`ve all said things that we later wish we hadn`t. But instead, let`s use it to our advantage, and to our children`s advantage. Why not leverage our children`s trust in what we say to empower them to become their best selves?


Kathleen Notes: Words matter...they can build up or tear down..

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