How To Work on Your Marriage When Your Spouse Won’t

How To Work on Your Marriage When Your Spouse Won’t

It all started with a simple “How’re you doing?” after church.

While the words he used were fine, something in his eyes betrayed the mask he was wearing. A call later that evening confirmed my suspicions. His marriage was in trouble. Not the kind of trouble that would cause any spectacular public failure, but the kind that slowly suffocates a couple in loneliness and despair. 

From the outside, they looked like a model couple. They had good jobs, a nice house, and beautiful kids; they were even active in the church. But he didn’t feel connected with his wife. He wanted more, but she didn’t think anything was wrong. Can you relate? 

It’s one thing when your home is filled with constant fighting or you’re dealing with the consequences of a major betrayal. It’s obvious you need help. But what do you do when things look okay by comparison?

How do you work on your marriage when your spouse won’t?

Maybe you’ve tried nagging or passive-aggressive comments. No matter what you try, something always seems to be more important than you—a job, parent, child, or hobby. You find yourself lamenting, If only I would get half the attention that ______ gets.

While change may seem impossible, your marriage can do more than just survive. It can thrive. Here are 10 things you can do to work on your marriage, even if your spouse won’t.


Kathleen Notes: While a healthy marriage requires effort from both people, there are things that you can do to help.

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