Emotional Neglect Mistakes Even Loving Parents Can Make

Emotional Neglect Mistakes Even Loving Parents Can Make

What does it take to keep children alive? Most people understand that kids have physical needs like food, clothing, shelter, sleep, and exercise in order to survive and thrive, as well as emotional needs. Children’s emotional needs involve much more than love, and unfortunately, some parents tend to be unaware of the importance of one very important emotional need: emotional validation.

Harry Harlow, a psychologist who studied love and affection, exemplified the significance of emotional needs in The Wire Mother Experiment, way back in 1965. Here, he gave monkeys a choice between two wire “mothers.” One mother was covered by soft cloth but offered no food and the other mother was made of wire but provided the monkeys with nourishment. After understanding emotional validation, it will be of no surprise to know these monkeys chose the mothers that provided comfort but no food. Connection and closeness, something emotional validation promotes, are the essence of our survival.

Emotional validation occurs when parents are attuned to what their child is feeling and are open to learning, acknowledging, and understanding their emotional experience.


Kathleen Notes: Most parents do the best they can...

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