When Conversation Gets Stuck: 25 Questions To Ask Your Spouse

When Conversation Gets Stuck: 25 Questions To Ask Your Spouse

Alone time with your partner might not come easy. You’ve got kids that can’t seem to function without your constant direction, a demanding job that pushes past the 9-5, aging parents to care for, church events and Bible studies, or maybe just more volunteer opportunities than hours in the day. (I mean, who can say no to building shelters for the homeless, organizing coat closets, and reversing climate change through hosting a six-course dinner fundraiser? Not you.)

But more often than not, the less time you spend together the harder conversation can be. Sounds counterintuitive, right? Whoever said “absence makes the heart grow fonder” clearly wasn’t happily married. Instead of opening the doors to communication, a lack of time together actually slams them closed and locks ‘em on the way out. Why? Because when you no longer feel connected, you aren’t able to enjoy that level of trust and intimacy to get you past surface-level convos with your spouse.

Or maybe you’re both just so exhausted from life you can’t muster the energy for anything past immediate needs—coffee, food, sleep. We’ve been there, too. Frequently. But connection requires communication. So when the words won’t come, how do we nourish that relational necessity? Try these 25 questions to ask your spouse to go a little deeper. Store ‘em in your phone, nightstand, or that kitchen drawer where you throw literally everything else.


Kathleen Notes: Great conversation starters!

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