How to Instill a Strong Work Ethic in Kids

How to Instill a Strong Work Ethic in Kids

A strong work ethic will help your child lead a successful adult life. Although we often think about it being suitable for employment, it’s also vital in other areas of life because we associate it with being able to achieve goals. Understanding how to teach work ethic can support your child in becoming a grownup who is willing, responsible, and resilient.

Work ethic is a set of skills and attitudes associated with morals and the mindset to maintain motivation to stay on track and prioritize focus. A good work ethic can fuel the achievement of a person’s goals and fulfill their needs, which are fed by how much initiative or focus the person has on the outcome. A good work ethic is also associated with self-respect, reliability, conscientiousness, and satisfaction.1,2

Teaching a good work ethic starts with parents. While you are not responsible for your child’s actions when they become adults, you can support the development of specific skills during childhood that will set them up for success.


Kathleen Notes: It`s also a useful life skill...

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