Why Intentional, Quality Time Matters

Why Intentional, Quality Time Matters

We’re a high-maintenance couple. If my wife and I go a day without talking over a cup of coffee or taking a walk around the neighborhood, we feel it. Without spending intentional, quality time with each other, we quickly get out of sync. When we do, our patience wears thin, our tones get harsh, and bickering over small things increases. The speed at which disconnect can occur always shocks me. 

We’re not alone. Every relationship experiences something similar. 

The drift from order to chaos is the natural way of the universe. (Yes, the second law of thermodynamics applies to relationships, too). Over time, the chaos in your relationship will increase. You will grow apart from your spouse, you will lose the ability to talk to your children, your faith will fade, and the family harmony you once had will be lost. Unless you actively and intentionally fight against it.

You may be able to ignore the maintenance schedule on your car for years without a problem. But imagine a SpaceX rocket attempting a liftoff without the proper maintenance. The failure would be spectacular. The more complicated something is, the more maintenance it requires. And marriages are complicated!

Do you want a marriage only capable of short trips around the neighborhood? Or one that can soar out of this world?


Kathleen Notes: The key word here is intentional...

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