How to Eat Dinner with People Who Stir Up Unrest in Your Heart and Mind

In theory, our own gatherings are fun and full of laughter. In theory, we, too, eagerly look forward to sitting around the table with others just like Jesus did. In theory, our time with family and friends or at our child’s school holiday party brings us peace and happiness by filling us up. In theory, we would all be able to say to everyone at the table, everyone in the room: “You’ve no idea how much I have looked forward to eating this meal with you.”  

In theory. 

In reality, however, for many of us, gathering at the table can bring up anxiety, dread, stress, or past hurts and betrayals that trigger our own behaviors that we aren’t proud of or ones that we’ve been working hard to change or to break generational cycles. 

In reality, we don’t always eagerly desire to gather in the same room with these people much less eat with them or invite them into our homes or step foot into theirs. Sometimes we’d rather skip the occasion or leave people off the invitation list to avoid seeing the ones who stir up unrest in our hearts and minds.   ...more

Kathleen Notes: Can you treat people with kindness and respect even if you disagree with them? Jesus ate with sinners, too.

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