Husband in Pursuit: Into the Wild

God is pursuing your heart, as a man and as a husband, every time he lets you reach the end of yourself. Your limits are God-designed! They’re a call to the wilderness—to stop, pray, read God’s word, and commune with him. Your spiritual hunger, tiredness, and thirst are all constant reminders of your desperate need for Jesus.

When you’re tired, rest in God’s sovereignty. When you’re worried, trust in God’s peace. When you’re losing patience, remember God’s patient and active love in Christ. And when you’re thirsty and dry, run to the well of God’s word and find refreshment in Christ’s living water. It’s one of God’s greatest graces to allow us to grow tired and hungry daily! We need constant reminding of our limitations so we learn to trust in our limitless God.

As a husband, you can only lead your family as you are led by Christ. You can’t do that if you’re coasting on memories of your relationship with God. Jesus couldn’t live without the Father, how can we expect to survive without him? Learn the way into the wild by following Jesus there. Then, lead your wife by giving her time to do the same.


Kathleen Notes: God will provide...

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