How New Parents Keep Their Love Alive and Well

Imagine a couple, and each partner sits on opposite sides of a pane of glass—a window. How clean or dirty this window is will represent the health of the relationship. When a relationship begins, the glass is clean and clear, and couples put in endless amounts of energy to keep the glass nice and shiny. That’s the honeymoon period, the freefall of new love!

As the relationship grows over time, stress and responsibilities build up like residue, and a couple may still enjoy the view but not in the same way as before. It’s not as shiny or clean, but things are still okay. But once a child is born, keeping that window clean becomes, by default, the lowest priority, and it just gets dirtier from there.

When I facilitate a workshop, I teach couples how to clean their windows to see each other clearly once again. There are no fancy shortcut tools; couples must do it the old fashion way. My grandmother taught me to clean windows with a homemade cleaner, newspapers, elbow grease, and determination because you will have to keep scrubbing that same stubborn spot a few times before it comes clean. And every relationship has a few stubborn spots, too.


Kathleen Notes: It`s easy to get over involved in parenting and lose each other. A good marriage requires 2 people being intentional about the relationship.

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