The 7 Invaluable Emotion Skills You May Not Yet Have

Emotions influence every aspect of our lives, and, yet, no one formally teaches us how to use them. As a psychologist and specialist in childhood emotional neglect, I find myself teaching emotion skills often to my therapy clients.

Childhood emotional neglect is common and invisible in our world today. It happens when you grow up in an environment where your feelings go unacknowledged. As a result, you learn to ignore your emotions, too. You enter adulthood disconnected from your feelings because you were never given the opportunity to learn the invaluable emotion skills.

Emotions are your greatest gift but are futile if you aren’t taught how to properly use them. Imagine being gifted a large sum of money at birth. If your parents don`t teach you how to properly save and invest, your money can easily slip through your hands. You don’t intuitively know what to do. You need someone to show you the way. The same idea applies to emotions.


Kathleen Notes: Emotions don`t go away just because they are uncomfortable. We need to learn how to manage them.

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