When Your Child Makes You Want To Scream: 10 Steps to Calm, Connect & Teach

Every child can drive a parent crazy, at least sometimes. Some strong-willed children can drive us crazy most of the time! Children are immature humans who have an unerring instinct for pushing our buttons.

But really, what are your options when your child makes you want to scream?

  • Scream, escalate the drama, make everyone feel terrible (including yourself) and then feel remorseful later.
  • Resist screaming by calming yourself down. Intervene calmly to settle the storm. Role model for your children.

In other words, you can make everything worse, or make everything better. 

Of course, you have more options if you take positive action BEFORE you feel like screaming. Often when we lose it with our children, it’s because we haven’t set a limit, and something is grating on us. Often, we`re trying so hard to be patient that we let things get out of hand, and then we snap. 

The key is to set limits BEFORE you get angry. The minute you start getting angry, it’s a signal to do something. No, not yell. It’s time to intervene in a positive way to:

  • Set appropriate limits
  • Redirect your child to meet the needs that are driving their irritating behavior. 

But what if despite your best efforts something happens that pushes you over the edge?


Kathleen Notes: When you begin to yell, your message is lost.

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