Beyond Discipline for Preteens

Unfortunately, conventional parenting, which includes punishment, actually erodes the parent-child relationship so the child is less motivated to cooperate. And punishment doesn`t help children learn to regulate their emotions, so they have less self-discipline.

By contrast, kids who aren`t punished, but are instead lovingly guided to make reparations and solve problems, are earlier to develop internal discipline and a strong moral sense. 

So it works a lot better to just begin with respectful, positive guidance right from the beginning. That raises preteens who are respectful, considerate, responsible, self-disciplined and delightful, right through the teen years.

But what if you`ve been using punishment (such as consequences) and your child is now ten and acting disrespectful? It isn`t too late, but you have some catching up to do. Here`s how.


Kathleen Notes: Punishment vs discipline (which means "to teach.")

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