Catch Your Child Doing Something Right

This critical voice comes from fear. That may seem odd, since what you probably feel when you criticize is frustration or annoyance. But it does come from fear, meaning fear that your child isn`t growing up okay, or won`t turn out okay, because either you or your child isn’t good enough. That’s your inner critic talking. Its job is to keep you on your toes, fending off any possible bad outcomes. Unfortunately, happiness is not in its job description. And regardless of what your inner critic tells you, it isn`t always right. Either about the ultimate outcome, or about what you should do right now.

So when you open your mouth to criticize, take a deep breath and reassure yourself: "He`s acting like a kid because he IS a kid."  Then, start over. Find a way to say what you need from your child, but with understanding or encouragement.


Kathleen Notes: Humans are motivated by appreciation much more than by criticism.

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