5 Daily Practices to Harness and Use Your Emotions

The mark emotional neglect leaves can be significant, but that mark need not stay for a lifetime. You can reconnect with your feelings and begin to use them as they are meant to be used.

Every feeling you have carries a message from your body, many of which are very useful. Your feelings can energize you, direct you, motivate you, and even connect you to others. The process of healing childhood emotional neglect involves getting back in touch with the emotions you`ve been blocking so that you can listen to their messages and harness their energy.

Below are some healthy daily practices that I have observed to be particularly valuable for those who are on the road to recovery. Like any new habit, it takes dedication and openness to start something different. But, in many ways, the process of reuniting with your feelings, listening to them, and using them makes you feel more awake and alive.


Kathleen Notes: A good list and also some helpful emotional regulation skills. You have to "feel it to heal it".

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