5 Threatening but Fixable Relationship Challenges

When you think about what factors go into a happy marriage, you may think about such necessary qualities as love, shared interests, supportive family, a good sex life, financial agreement, similar parenting styles, or shared values. There’s no doubt these are all important factors in a healthy relationship.

And yet there’s one factor in a marriage that lays the foundation for all others to be possible. This factor is pivotal to the psychological health and happiness of a couple. It’s emotional intimacy.

Emotional intimacy is difficult to articulate, but if you have ever spent time around a couple who has emotional intimacy, you may have observed its unique qualities.

When couples have it, you may notice a kind of comfortable compatibility between them. Exuding warmth rather than distance, they can get a sense of what the other is thinking and feeling with a single glance. They laugh together and are at ease expressing differing opinions. These are the ways that couples with emotional intimacy are set apart.

In my work as a couples therapist specializing in childhood emotional neglect, I often see how it blocks couples` emotional intimacy, interfering with the necessary factors listed above, and preventing an opportunity for true, close emotional connection to take hold.


Kathleen Notes: CEN makes this tough but not impossible at all!

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