What Emotional Intelligence Really Means

How would you define emotional intelligence? 

When I define emotional intelligence, I define it as the capacity to BE with.

But be with what?…

The capacity to be with our sensations, our feelings, and our thoughts that arise in any given moment. What I’m describing is our capacity to regulate. Our ability to connect or to regulate in the midst of whatever experience we’re having. 

It’s not about being calm. It’s not about having a particular experience in our feelings, thoughts, or body.

It is about being able to be with any and all experiences that arise in any given moment. 

It’s our capacity to stay connected to ourselves in frustration, joy, sorrow, anxiety, confusion, overwhelm, anger….the list goes on. 

And it’s one of the most important and hardest things to develop in ourselves.


Kathleen Notes:...and requires learning some emotional regulation skills.

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