Being hard on yourself doesn`t make you a better parent.

What we CAN do is make the commitment to increase our ratio of good to bad parenting moments, and keep working at it, day after day. When we mess up -- which we all do -- we can pick ourselves up and try again. Luckily, each step in the right direction makes a big difference.

But if you`re wishing you could be that parent more often, or if you`re feeling stuck in a negative cycle, maybe it`s time to give yourself more support. Most of us feel guilty when we lose it. We ricochet between losing our temper and being permissive. We keep resolving to "do better." But being hard on yourself doesn`t make you a better parent. Even resolving to be more patient doesn`t necessarily help. What we all need is more support, the kind of support that helps us stay calm and regulate our own emotions.

If you have a plant that`s wilting, you don`t yell at it to straighten up and grow right. You figure out what it needs to thrive: More water? More sunshine? More room to grow? This applies to your child, of course. But it also applies to you. We all need support to be our best selves. 

So instead of berating yourself, take a moment right now, and consider what one thing you could do today to support yourself to be the parent you want to be.


Kathleen Notes: Most parents do the best they shame or blame. But don`t be afraid to learn better skills!

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