Nicer… Through Nurture

Before Eric’s fourth birthday, he had been treated by half a dozen therapists, none of whom made life easier for him or his mother.

“I was always on edge at work, waiting for the phone call from his pre-school to come pick him up,” recalls Michelle, a single mom in New York City. (Her name, like Eric’s, has been changed to protect the family’s privacy.)

The trouble began when Eric was diagnosed with ADHD, which fueled his impulsive behavior — hitting, kicking, and biting. The worse Eric behaved, the more those around him scolded or avoided him, which caused him to misbehave even more.

Luckily, Michelle tried one more strategy. After reading an ad in a local newspaper, she signed up Eric for an eight-week clinical trial for Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), and continued on for several weeks after the trial ended. Today, two years later, she’s less stressed. “I’m no longer walking on eggshells,” she says. “I’m starting to enjoy my son.”


Kathleen Notes: I love one is motivated by punishment..

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