Say the Right Words (Not the Wrong Ones)

You have a relationship to words. What we find is that in the depths of people’s souls, where true behavior and its resulting success or chaos originates, there is a real relationship with certain words. The nature of that relationship dictates a lot of what happens in people’s lives. If the relationship is good and they get along well with words, they use them to create and maintain a healthy structure and boundaries. But if they do not get along well with words, then structure and boundaries are compromised and their lives become fragmented as a result.

So, we are going to look at the words that have to do with why you find yourself in certain situations more than you might think. We are going to examine your relationship to some key words, including how you feel about them and how free you are to use them, or not.

The use of the words that we will explore next directly corresponds to the key components that your boundaries are designed to deliver for you. It includes the ability to do the following:

  • Experience yourself as separate and differentiated from others.
  • Contain destruction and keep it from spreading.
  • Define yourself and know who you are.
  • Set limits when needed.
  • Possess and live out values.
  • Have self-control and thereby be free and autonomous.

Kathleen Notes: Words have the power to hurt or heal. When using words ask yourself which one is happening...

- - Volume: 10 - WEEK: 37 Date: 9/8/2022 11:31:42 AM -