8 Things You Can Do When Your Child Is Belligerent
When children are having a hard time, their feelings usually explode at the people with whom they feel safe -- Us! It`s natural for us to get angry, reprimand, tell them to behave, or send them off to calm down. 

But when kids act rude and belligerent, they aren`t trying to give us a hard time.  They`re trying to send us an SOS.

If we respond by yelling, threatening, or sending them away to "calm down," we shut the door they`ve opened, and leave them to struggle on their own.

Of course, it`s not unusual for a child`s belligerence to look more like a minefield than an open door -- so this takes a lot of patience from you as the parent.


Kathleen Notes: So glad that the author said "when" and not "if"...

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