How to Enjoy Small Talk and Deepen Your Conversations

This simple yet incredibly effective conversational technique helps people communicate on a deeper level. This skill is especially useful for those with childhood emotional neglect.

If you grew up in an emotionally neglectful home, you’re probably familiar with a lack of communication, low emphasis on emotions, and surface-level conversations. It’s difficult to learn how to talk to someone on a deeper, emotional level because it was never modeled for you. Instead, you were taught how to communicate using facts and logistics to avoid a conversation that may elicit emotions.

Learning how to communicate using vertical questioning will allow for ease in making new friends, strengthen already established bonds, and increase the rewards of your everyday interactions with others.

Both vertical and horizontal questioning involve asking questions when engaging in a conversation. But vertical questioning prods the person you’re conversing with to turn inward and think about their response more profoundly.


Kathleen Notes: We connect with others through emotions yet are taught not to talk about them...what could go wrong?

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