7 Tips To Help Kids Learn to Control Their Emotions
All of us worry about our kids learning to control their emotions. After all, it`s emotions that so often get us off track and into trouble.  And of course we need to just say No sometimes. Kids can`t run into the street, throw their food at each other, or pee on their baby brother.

But setting limits on children`s behavior doesn`t mean we need to set limits on what they feel. In fact, when we don`t "allow" our child to get upset, we`re unwittingly making it harder for our child to learn to manage his emotions.

That`s because you can`t actually keep your child from getting upset, whether you "allow" it or not. Telling your child not to cry won`t keep him from being upset; it will just give him the message that there`s something scary or shameful about his emotions, so he`d better try to hide them. Unfortunately, when humans repress emotion, those emotions are no longer under conscious control. So they pop out un-regulated, causing the child to lash out or act out.


Kathleen Notes: Validation and regulation of emotions help so much.

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