When Your Old Beliefs Must Change to Grow
In your blog listing “10 Lies that will Mess Up Your Life” you stated the first lie is Life is Not Fair. Can you explain that more, please?

Scripture says you reap what you sow. I don`t understand this. I sowed love and kindness; teaching God`s word to my children. My daughter ends up struggling with depression, promiscuity, addicted to substances, and in rehab. Why?

My girlfriend raised her kids the same and her daughters are doing well. It can make me sad, angry, and jealous. I want to scream, “It`s not fair!” But, if I tell myself that life is not fair, then what am I to do with that scripture??? I DIDN`T reap what I sowed, so the Bible must be lying. How am I misunderstanding this passage?

Answer: I`m sorry you’re experiencing disappointment and pain with your daughter’s choices. Most of us do the best we know how to teach and show our children love and the wisdom of God’s path for life. Yet, they still may make poor choices. 

First, God knows exactly how you feel. When Adam and Eve sinned, he grieved over their choice to go their own way. He lamented when the Israelites refused to follow him and worshiped other Gods. God is perfect. Yet his children rebelled and went their own way. In Deuteronomy, Moses lays out two choices before the Jews enter the Promised Land, inviting and reminding them that God says, Choose Life (Deuteronomy 30:19).

You sowed good things into your daughter. Those good things are still there, but your daughter also has her choice to listen or not listen, to obey, or not obey.


Kathleen Notes: Growth is never where we`re comfortable..

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