What Can Make Some Relationship Positives Feel Negative?

Few things in life are more emotionally demanding than being in a relationship, yet it doesn’t seem like it should be particularly hard. Perhaps it`s because they`re so common and they almost always start out happy, tricking you into thinking that level of happiness is the standard by which to judge relationships.

But the fact that relationships are commonplace hides the fact that most long-term couples are no strangers to fighting to keep what they have. And research shows us that brain chemicals enhance the beginning phase of all relationships (Gonzaga et al., 2006), but those chemicals cannot be maintained long-term. Eventually, they fade, leaving us vulnerable and needing to fend for ourselves and the relationship.

Then, add yet another challenge to those natural hurdles that all relationships face. Legions of otherwise healthy, worthy people have not yet developed the emotional skills necessary to fight for their relationship or tolerate emotional vulnerability. Most of them come by this deficit honestly simply by being born into an emotionally absent family. In other words, it’s not their fault at all.


Kathleen Notes: We connect with others emotionally. If you struggle to know and empathize with your own feelings it is very difficult to connect with the feelings of others.

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