Courage in the Healing Process

Are you in pain? Are you struggling to recover from a bad divorce, a missed promotion or even more heart-wrenching, the loss of a child? The first step towards your healing is recognizing the injury and admitting that something is broken and needs attention, whether it’s a broken heart, a broken family, or a broken spirit.  

Seeking support and care for recovery can be critical for your healing.  

How many of us limp along in life, pushing through the pain and heartache, when God has called us to stop and rest? To recognize our need for recovery and embrace the healing process? 

People seem to fall into two categories when they are in pain—those who pull back in fear of further injury and those who overdo it. And then there are those who don’t realize they are hurt and try to carry on, adding insult to injury and delaying the healing process.


Kathleen Notes: Pain has a purpose...

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