5 Ways You May Have Experienced Emotional Neglect

What would you do if I asked you to stop thinking?

It seems like an impossible task for most. Thinking is a natural part of being human, something that is difficult to stop or deny. The same is true of your feelings. Thinking and feeling are neurologically and biologically wired into you. Feelings, in particular, are a vital expression of your true self. They`re a necessary resource for direction, connection, activation, and motivation for a lifetime.

And, yet, children are taught not to feel far too often in emotionally neglectful families all over the world. It happens when children express themselves and their parents cannot truly hear them. It happens when children reach toward their parents for emotional support and find it lacking. And it happens when children attempt to share their joy with their parents and are met with dismissal. These children learn that their feelings are unwelcome.



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