When We Feel Safe

When people feel safe, they have access to all parts of their brain, including an area called the prefrontal cortex, which helps us learn, use logic and reason, and predict how our actions might affect someone else. 

Since the world we live in is not always safe, God designed our brains with an incredible capacity for protection. When we feel threatened by something or someone, the brain “shuts down” parts of itself—most importantly, the prefrontal cortex—in order to save energy for more important activities, like staying alive! This state is often referred to as the “fear brain,” and it instinctively reacts to perceived threats with a “fight, flight, or freeze” response. In that moment, we’re either going to attack the threat head on, run away from it, or freeze, unable to do anything. 

This is important for those of us who are growing in our awareness of the effects of trauma. When children live in constantly chaotic and unsafe environments, their brains are in a chronic state of fear. It’s like a gear shift that gets stuck; even if the environment and circumstances change, the brain is unable to shift back to a healthy state. 

Living in the fear brain looks like:


Kathleen Notes: If you don`t know the affect of trauma on the brain, this is a good resource.

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