Is My Spouse Controlling or Just Caring?

Ron Welch, author of The Controlling Husband, didn’t realize he was a controlling spouse. But then he heard one of his sons say something demanding to his wife, Jan. Soon after that, Ron listened as another son ordered Jan to take him to sports practice. 

“I started to lecture them both,” he said. He told them, “Don’t talk to your mother that way! You better start showing her some respect.” 

In a Focus on the Family podcast, Ron shares how God opened his eyes to his controlling behavior. “I remember God slapping me across the head and saying, ‘And who do you think is teaching them to disrespect women? I’ve taught you a different way to value your wife. Why are you doing this?’ There was this inconsistency between my faith and what I was.” 

Kimberly Wagner also admits to having previously been a controlling spouse. She didn’t realize what she was doing at the time, either.


Kathleen Notes: It can be a fine line. Looking inward (tough sometimes) and being open to the feedback from others are essential first steps. Dr Phil says "you can`t fix what you don`t acknowledge."

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