5 Questions To Ask Your Emotionally Distant Dad

Every human being has a deeply held need to feel known. Funny thing about men of a certain age: many were raised to not talk about themselves, to not need much, and to not share much.

If you are a Gen X, millennial, or Gen Z, your dad is likely either a baby boomer or was raised by baby boomers. Many, many men of these generations grew up in families that actively, or perhaps subtly, squelched their emotions and discouraged them from talking about their feelings and themselves.  

This type of child-rearing was not necessarily a result of mean or unloving parents at all. It was simply a product of the common child-rearing wisdom and mores of the time.

Sometimes it takes a little prodding to find a way through that tough, outer layer of anti-emotion. You just need to know what to ask!


Kathleen Notes: It`s after Father`s Day, but go for it anyway!

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