Camping: Family Bonding Time At Its Best
Wouldn`t it be amazing if your family could take a break from the daily grind this summer? What if that break could also help you hit the reset button on screens with a "dopamine fast," get everybody in the family moving, facilitate some nice family bonding, and give your kids a chance to climb trees, chase fireflies, and roast marshmallows?

Whether you go for a week or a weekend, camping has all the ingredients for a fun, safe, affordable and meaningful family vacation. It`s also a great learning experience for children of all ages. In one large study, parents said that camping benefitted their children by giving them more freedom, independence, confidence, and responsibility within a safe setting, as well as the opportunity to appreciate nature, escape from technology, and bond with family.

Yes, it takes some planning. But that`s part of the fun, and a great learning experience for your child!


Kathleen Notes: Good times and great memories in the making..

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