7 Signs You Grew Up With Immature Parents — And It`s Affecting You Now

If you have spent much time around a small child, you have probably seen how emotionally extreme they can be. Laughing hysterically one minute and in the depths of despair the next, they can switch emotions quickly and unpredictably.

Of course, children are this way because they are, by definition, emotionally immature.

They have not yet had an opportunity to learn how to recognize their feelings, manage them, take responsibility for them, or use them the way they are meant to be used. That is natural.

But the ramifications don`t end in childhood. There are many people aged 25 and older who are mired in emotional immaturity. ?

So, what happens if one of those emotionally immature people is your parent? It can set you up for some serious challenges not only in your childhood but throughout your adult life, too.


Kathleen Notes: Maturity is all about responsibility. In this case it`s about taking responsibility for your emotions and how you handle them.

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