Empathy: Foundation of Emotional Health

I see parents and children make breakthroughs every day. And guess what makes the most difference? Empathy. If we can actually see things from our child`s perspective, everything changes.

Empathy doesn`t mean agreeing with our children, or letting them do whatever they want just because we understand why they want to. But it does mean that while our children don`t get everything they want, they get something better:  Someone who understands and accepts them, no matter what.

It also means that once we understand our child`s perspective, we can intervene to help them meet the needs that they were trying to meet all along, from feeling connected to feeling valued. And when we meet kids` needs, they behave better.

Empathy is the foundation of emotional intelligence. It’s also the foundation of effective parenting, according to John Gottman, the author of Raising An Emotionally Intelligent Child. Why?


Kathleen Notes: Empathy is the "glue" of relationships...

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