7 Warning Signs That Your Child Is a Bully and What to Do About It

Being bullied in childhood is associated with a range of negative effects, with physical changes taking place in the brain and a greater risk of anxiety, depression, suicide, and substance abuse. It’s devastating for any parent to discover their child is being bullied—but finding out that your child is the bully can be just as troublesome.

There are warning signs that may indicate whether your child may be prone to—or already engaging in—bullying behavior. When faced with such a situation, the initial instincts of a parent may generate feelings of denial, anger, dismay, or indignation. But it’s a better idea to evaluate the situation with a calm head, sit down with your child to discuss the issue, and take gentle steps to point toward healthier ways of interacting with peers. Read on for the potential signs of bullying and some healthy ways to face it.


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