Need to Improve Concentration? Try This

Movement on a regular basis keeps kids healthy and fit for school. The benefits of sports have been demonstrated in numerous studies. Now a research team in the Department of Sport and Health Sciences at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has, for the first time in a study, confirmed the correlation between physical fitness, concentration and health-related quality of life for primary school pupils. 

The study involved 3285 girls and 3248 boys from Bavaria`s Berchtesgadener Land district. The key criteria were physical strength and endurance, the ability to concentrate and health-related quality of life, as determined by the scientists according to internationally standardized test procedures.

The results of the study show the higher the level of children`s physical fitness, the better they can concentrate and the higher their health-related quality of life. While the boys did better on the fitness tests, the girls performed better in terms of concentration and quality of life values.


Kathleen Notes: Regular exercise helps focus, mood, emotional regulation and so many other aspects of physical and emotional health. What if each school day started with some form of movement?

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