Emotional Neglect and the Highly Sensitive Person

As I’ve highlighted, the child who is an HSP has special sensitivities right from birth. As deep thinkers and feelers, their nature is thoughtful and emotionally responsive. They are more overwhelmed by external stimulation than most. HSPs also have greater emotional reactions and more empathy for others.

Imagine what it’s like to be a deeply thoughtful child with intense feelings growing up in a family that doesn’t understand this powerful force within you. Your feelings are ignored and discouraged.

Instead of seeing you as thoughtful, you might be considered weak and perhaps slow, simply because it takes you longer to process feelings and interactions with others. It may seem as if the family around you operates on a much different level, almost as if they live on a different plane than you. They don’t "get" you and you don’t "get" them.


Kathleen Notes: Being born as an HSP means a deeper and more profound form of CEN, as they experience most things in life with an intensity that most people just don`t.

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