Dear Absent Dad: Get it Together & Show Up for Your Kids Before It’s Too Late

I’ve talked in the past about how important fathers are, and how dads don’t babysit kids, they raise them. I’ve also talked about how a woman’s first love is her dad, how he’s the man that sets all of her expectations for every other man in her life. I don’t think I need to reiterate just how much dads matter in the lives of their kids, right?

In those discussions, though, I was mostly speaking to dads who were there for their kids, both physically AND in heart & soul. Today, I want to speak directly to the “absent dads” out there.  That includes both the 20% of dads who don’t live with their kids AND the fathers who do live in the same house but are never really there for their kids emotionally (which may be even worse than being totally absent).

I have just one thing to say to you: get your act together (and “act” isn’t the word I would have used if I wasn’t trying to be family-friendly). Show up for your kids. Have the courage to raise them, to be a DAD.


Kathleen Notes: Society wants to tell us that fathers are optional. They are NOT! Dads, you are vitally important to your children.

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