Why You Don’t Need To Hide Your Feelings From Your Kids

Do you ever feel like you can’t have hard feelings in front of your child? When you get frustrated or sad do you feel like you have to hold it all in so that you don’t upset them? Often in the world of respectful parenting, there is this idea that parenting with intention means always being calm and happy with our kids. 

Here’s the thing, the goal is not that kids think we don’t have emotions. The idea that we’ll never be triggered or feel hard things in their presence, that we`ll just remain calm at all times is unrealistic and not how our bodies are designed. Kids know when we are feeling something hard whether we tell them or not. They pick up on our tone, our body language, and the other non-verbals signals we’re sending out all the time.

Hard Feelings Are an Opportunity to Teach Kids

What if instead of trying not to express hard feelings around our kids, we viewed it as an opportunity to foster their emotional development? We can talk to kids all day about how to process their emotions, but if we’re not modeling it for them, our words will only take us so far.


Kathleen Notes: Please don`t hide them!

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