Managing Screen Time

As life settles into our new normal, many kids are still spending a lot more time on screens than they did before the pandemic. And many parents are wondering how to dial back the screens.

Unfortunately, getting kids immersed again in independent play can be a challenge. Most screen activities are so compelling that kids start to lose the ability to find other things interesting. The more screen time they have, the more their focus, creativity, and initiative seem to atrophy, and the less ability they have to lose themselves in independent play.

It`s worth it, though. An abundance of screen time in childhood is associated with more aggressive behavior, a higher risk of childhood obesity, and lower self esteem. Repeated screen use can even change the way the brain develops. For instance, cartoons, with their quick cuts, have been shown to reduce the attention spans and other executive functions of preschoolers.

Luckily, there are ways to start weaning your child away from screens and into other activities, and your child`s brain and mood will respond positively. Here`s how to start digging yourself out of the screen trap to create a more sustainable way to occupy your child.


Kathleen Notes: A first world problem to be sure, but so important to a developing mind to limit screens.

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