Harvard Psychologists Reveal: Parents Who Raise ‘Good’ Kids Do These 5 Things…

In this era of technology, we find that raising children is a bit different from those times before the iPod, iPhone, computers, Internet, and all the other amazing gadgets that consume us. Children played outside. They kicked a ball across a field. They played with cards rather than chasing Pokemon on a screen. Children played outside until the street lights came on and they knew they had to go indoors. We are raising children very differently now than we did twenty or thirty years ago. But, Harvard experts suggest that perhaps it’s time to return to basics.

This is a new world. Children born in this time automatically are given gadgets to entertain them. But, what are we missing? Psychologists at Harvard University have been studying what makes a well-adjusted child in these changing times. They have concluded that there are several elements that are still very basic.


Kathleen Notes: To be healthy children (and all humans) need human connection and a variety of good experiences like playing outdoors, reading, games, etc. in addition to technology.

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