The Dilemma of Having Emotionally Neglectful Parents

Emotionally neglectful parents, some through no fault of their own, simply don`t notice or respond to their children`s feelings enough. Such parents might ignore a child`s feelings in general, view their emotions as problematic, or treat them as inconvenient.

If you grew up this way, I want you to know that having your feelings ignored throughout childhood leaves its mark. It takes hold of how you feel now, as an adult, what choices you make, and the perceptions you have about who you are.

Unacknowledged, the emotional neglect you experienced in your upbringing stays with you throughout your lifetime. It`s the gray cloud that looms over all your relationships, limiting you from making meaningful connections and living a colorful life.

Childhood emotional neglect holds a firm grip over one relationship in particular. This relationship is the precursor of all others and is where your gray cloud originally formed. It’s the relationship you have with your parents.


Kathleen Notes: I think acknowledging how you were parented and other childhood experiences impacted you is very powerful and necessary to healing. It is NOT to throw your parents "under the bus" but to gain awareness of wounds that need to be healed.

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