A Day in the Life of an Emotionally Neglectful Couple

Childhood emotional neglect does not go away just because you grow up.

Being raised in a family that does not address your feelings (an emotionally neglectful family) launches you into your adult life without two things that you need for a healthy, happy, resilient marriage: full access to your feelings, plus the emotional skills to manage and express them.

It`s difficult enough when one member of a couple grew up with emotional neglect. But when two emotionally neglected people marry, special challenges abound. Neither spouse has full access to their emotions and neither has the necessary emotion skills.

Exactly how does it feel to be in a double emotional neglect marriage? Below is a vignette from my book, Running on Empty No More: Transform Your Relationships With Your Partner, Your Parents & Your Children.


Kathleen Notes: CEN people have a way of finding each other, and it really has an impact on your relationship!

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