How Nature Makes Kids Calmer, Healthier, Smarter

Did you grow up as I did, climbing trees, building dams in the stream, and chasing fireflies as the evening darkened? If you did, you`ll agree with me that all children deserve those experiences.

Nowadays, though, many of us don`t have yards. Even if we do, when we try to send our kids outside, there`s often no one to play with. And most parents worry that we have to stay outside with them to keep them safe -- but we have to make dinner! 

So most kids spend most of their time inside.  As a result, the average fifth grader, given a choice, prefers to stay inside, close to electrical sockets and all the entertainment sources they power.

But your grandmother was right: Kids need fresh air and exercise. We all do. Families who find ways to be outdoors together nurture not only their bodies, but their connection to all of life -- and to each other.  Kids who spend time outside in nature, research shows, are:


Kathleen Notes: So get those kids outside and join them. Outside activities are good for everyone!

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