Stressed and Overwhelmed? Here`s Where To Start

Stressful events happen to everyone. Sometimes, we rise to the occasion and grow from them. Sometimes, they overwhelm us. What makes the difference? How we think about them.

Most of the time, we don`t even consciously notice the thoughts that start us off down the slippery slope, or the uncomfortable feelings they give rise to. But when we have a thought that upsets us, our body responds by going into flight, fight or freeze.

So what we actually notice is a sudden urgent need to take action. Any action, just to stop those uncomfortable feelings, to make us feel like we`re doing something to address the situation. Suddenly, we`re awash in stress neurotransmitters signaling us to get ready for an emergency. 

So we suddenly crave a snack (that`s freeze) or take refuge in a screen (that`s flight). Or everything sets us off, so we find ourselves snapping at our partner, yelling at our kids, or slamming things around. (That`s fight.) 


Kathleen Notes: Good emotional regulation skills can really help here.

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