The Extraordinary Strengths of the Emotionally Neglected

Loved and respected by those who know them, they struggle to love and respect themselves.

These are the people of childhood emotional neglect.

What is childhood emotional neglect? It’s a simple but powerful force in the life of a child. It requires growing up in a household where your feelings don’t matter.

Typically, I write about the special challenges of the emotionally neglected, such as self-blame, self-directed anger, and low self-compassion. That’s because I want to help these individuals overcome them.

But truth be told, the emotionally neglected are some of the strongest adults I have ever met. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but there is a bright side to growing up emotionally ignored. So now I’d like to highlight the particular strengths you likely have if you grew up this way.


Kathleen Notes: I have many such clients...they are remarkable people.

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