The 5 Most Common Regrets of the Dying—and What We Can Learn From Them

Life has sped up. A never-ending stream of stimuli is vying for your attention every minute of the day. Some of it is fabulous and some of it is time-wasting. 

So how do you decipher how to spend your time?

The answer: you face the fact that you are actually going to die one day and that your time is sacred. ...

....To understand the sacredness of your time and to realise the power that lies in the decisions you make, it helps to learn from those who have gone before you, from those who have not made the right decisions and have spent their deathbed days in the anguish and pain of regret. 

By looking at the most common regrets of the dying, as shared with me during my years as a palliative carer, you might find yourself at a turning point, one where you can recognise the power of your choice from this moment onwards.  


Kathleen Notes: A very existential and well written article. No one ever wished they spent more time at work at the end of their life. Although the article doesn`t speak to matters of faith, don`t let your regret be due to a lack of faith in Jesus.

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