How Fathers Help Kids Grow

Ever wonder how fathers help kids grow?

A few months ago I was getting ready to leave work. Like most days, I called home to let my family know I was on my way. My thirteen-year-old daughter answered the phone. She excitedly said, “Dad, when you get home and walk into the house, I’m already going to be running and you’re going to catch me!” I really couldn’t picture what she meant, but her enthusiasm and excitement compelled me to just say “Yes, that sounds great!”

After I parked the car and walked through the door, sure enough, she was coming at me full speed. I dropped what was in my hands and caught her. She said, “Dad, you did it!” as I held her in my arms.

I wasn’t entirely sure what just happened, but clearly I provided my daughter something important in that moment. I know that fathers help their kids grow in significant ways when they take the time to connect with them.


Kathleen Notes: Fathers are crucially important to both boys and girls. Our society has tried very hard for the last few decades to tell us they are optional...research shows otherwise...and so does our society.

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