8 Reasons Why Gentle Discipline Works Best With the Highly Sensitive Child

“Open your mouth so I can clean your teeth properly,” I say to my son.

“I AM!” my four year old shouts back at me.

It’s the tail end of a discussion we seem to have most mornings when I’m agitated by the rush to get my three sons ready for school.

“Don’t shout at me,” I snap, and my son bursts into heart-wrenching tears. I embrace him quickly and say sorry. I know by now not to raise my voice with my sensitive son; I know by now not to suddenly change my tone — but I’m human and sometimes the stress of the morning rush gets the better of me.

I feel like crap and I vow to be more mindful of my tone, the volume of my voice.

Nobody likes a raised voice.

Nobody likes a stern tone.

Nobody likes to be told off.

But for a highly sensitive child (HSC), all these things hit home even harder.

Here are eight reasons why a gentle approach to discipline works effectively with a highly sensitive child.


Kathleen Notes: Parents do the best they can with the skills they have. Wouldn`t it be wonderful if each kiddo came with an "owner`s manual?"

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